CEFTA Transparency Pack Maintenance and Updating


Project Description

Maintenance and Updating of the CEFTA Transparency Pack

Modification of the Transparency Pack in the MADB (Market Access Data Base) and TBT Platform (Technical Barriers to Trade Platform)

Beneficiary/ Beneficiaries Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Mission in Kosovo (UMNIK) on behalf of Kosovo in accordance with the UNCS Resolution no: 1244
Description Detailed The purpose of the project is to modify Transparency Pack in MABD (Market Access Data Base) and TBT Platform (Technical Barriers to Trade Platform) and to provide the maintenance of the website. Specific work provided during this project was:
  • Integration of recommendations received from the CEFTA Parties
  • Update and modification of the TBT Platform
  • Introduction an alert system on comments
  • Added the “ Work Programmes” of national standardization Bodies
  • Upload trade data for 2013 and 2014
  • Full-time maintenance of the TP
  • Website modification services
  • Website security maintenance
  • Website maintenance services

Project Details

  • LocationBrussels, Belgium
  • Main Contractor/ PartnerThe Secretariat of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA)
  • Timeline26.02.2016 – 31.03.2016
  • StatusFinished