Electronic submission of Applications for Action

E-filing: Electronic submission of Applications for Action

Background info:

This software has been developed within Project – Regional IIPR (Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights) Programme in Western Balkan and Turkey (March 2010 – September 2010):

  • 3 consultants of the SafeNet d.o.o. company were involved in this Project.
  • The scope of this Project was development and installation of the module for communication of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Unit of the Customs Administration with right holders and/or their legal representatives. This software enables direct electronic submission of the Requests for protection of IP rights (Applications for Action) through appropriate Web portal.

Description of application:

E-filing is software (web portal) which enables electronic submission of Requests for protection of IP rights (Applications for Action) by Right Holders to the Customs Authority:

  • Authentication using digital certificate
  • Personalised multilingual web portal
  • Data validation on Client (web browser) and Server side
  • Attachment of other accompanied electronic documents (.rtf files, .doc files, .pdf files, image files etc.)
  • Subsequent processing of electronic documents (Requests)
  • Signing of electronic documents by digital certificate updating and submitting
  • Information about current status of previously submitted applications, searching and printing the hard copy of electronic application (pdf format)
  • Facility of interactive instructions (on-line help) for each step

Technical Details:

  • Programming language: C#, Java Scripts
  • DBMS:MS SQL 2005/2008
  • Application Server: IIS 6.0/IIS 7.0
  • Operating system: Windows Server 2003/2008


  • Customs Administration of Serbia

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