Development of regional/national databases on advance rulings (AR) for the CEFTA Parties


Project Description

Development of regional/national databases on advance rulings (AR) for the CEFTA Parties

A trader wishing to import, or export commodities often needs to comply with various regulatory requirements according to the tariff description and classification, the value and origin, long before the goods arrive, and are declared to Customs at the border. The legal certainty expected about the way goods are dealt with at the customs clearance border is essential for the predictability over transactions and even, to some extent, the viability of the businesses.

However, usually the Advance Rulings related information is in the domain of each of the different customs administrations and this results in a trader having to seek, from more than one place, for what could effectively inform his decision on the tariff classification and/or origin of goods to assure a required legal certainty.

Therefore, the task was to create a single platform where all the information relating to Advance Rulings from all the various CEFTA Customs administrations is aggregated under one roof and is readily available to traders and customs for searching, consulting, and viewing.
It is a single source of all regulatory information, provided comprehensively, accurately and up to date.

The solution created regional/national databases that are in the great percent similar to the EU EBTI database.

  • Developed a regional AR database of information dedicated to the related legislation, processes, procedures, and the published rulings, covering the 7 CEFTA parties
    1. Produced technical documentation for 7 national Advance Rulings databases
    2. National Advance Rulings application developed, customized, and installed in the ICT infrastructure of the Customs Authorities of the CEFTA Parties
    3. Regional CEFTA AR database developed and installed
    4. National AR databases integrated with the CEFTA Regional database
    5. Produced User manuals and delivered training

Project Details

  • LocationBrussels, Belgium
  • Main Contractor/ PartnerThe Secretariat of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA)
  • TimelineSeptember 2019 – January 2020
  • StatusFinished