SEED Maintenance


Project Description

SEED Maintenance

SEED Maintenance is a follow-up of previously provided technical assistance and logistic support to the Western Balkans six Customs Authorities in their desire and intention to develop, implement and continue using SEED system.

Technical assistance included providing maintenance and regional coordination of the SEED infrastructure, as well as further functional improvement of the SEED software. The exchange of pre-arrival information is instrumental in upgrading the administrative capacity of the participating administrations.

More in detail, the SEED as an IT tool enhances both: law enforcement measures (compliance with legislation, enhances the fight against different types of Customs fraud, cross-border crime and supports prevention of corruption) and facilitates trade.

  • SEED system infrastructure and services were maintained
  • Support for maintenance of the SEED communication infrastructure was provided to IT Departments of the CEFTA Parties
  • SEED application pool was maintained
  • SEED applications and modules were improved, as requested by end-users (within business objectives)
  • Technical support was provided to all user levels

Project Details

  • LocationBrussels, Belgium
  • Main Contractor/ PartnerThe Secretariat of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA)
  • TimelineFebruary 2019 – November 2019
  • StatusFinished