National Patent Register in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Project Description

Agreement relating to the supply of the ICT system for the National Patent Register in the Institute for the Intellectual Property Office (IIP BiH) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Development of National Patent Register (NPR) and related modules

Beneficiary/ Beneficiaries Institute for Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Description Detailed The purpose of the project is development of National Patent Register (NPR).  European Patent Office (EPO) is developing Federated Patent Register service, which will establish a common European entry point which will allow the users to access national register data in harmonized way. This requires the existence of electronic national register, for this reasons it has been envisaged to develop national register. The NPR shall provide the patent with direct access to all the publicly available information on the national patent applications as they pass through the grant procedure. It shall provide procedural and legal data on national filings.

With the NPR it shall be possible:

  • to find out what stage in the procedure a national patent application has reached
  • to see if a national patent has been granted, or will be granted soon
  • to check whether any oppositions to a national patent have been filed
  • to read the correspondence between the national office and the patent applicant/attorney
  • and store these documents off-line for later study (download data).
The NPR should support deep linking with the future EPO’s Federated Patent Register.
  • Business and system analysis
  •  Development of System Documentation
  •  Development of the software application
  •  System testing
  •  Implementation
  •  Configuration and training to the end users and System Administrators

Project Details

  • LocationSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Main Contractor/ PartnerEuropean Patent Office
  • TimelineOctober 2014 – onwards
  • StatusOngoing